#36alive 177: Watch the Glastonbury Highlights

You’ve probably noticed that it’s Glastonbury weekend and there’s been some great performances.

After being at Glastonbury for 5 years in a row I haven’t been since 2013, I don’t normally watch much of it on TV as it makes me feel like I’m missing out on being there, but have watched quite a bit this year.

Glastonbury is a special place and as my friend used to like to say while we were there “there is nowhere on earth that is better than being right here”. If you haven’t been I’d highly recommend you do go just to witness it for yourself. There are so many reasons why there is no other festival quite like it and I have been lucky enough to see some great performances on the Pyramid Stage with Blur, The Rolling Stones, and The Verve standing out (I’ve probably missed out a few obvious ones there), and also some special ones on smaller stages.

This year I have enjoyed watching Radiohead’s set, and the Foo Fighters, especially the start of the performance, if any bands want to look at how to start a gig, check that out. It was also a nice moment seeing Liam Gallagher singing Don’t Look Back in Anger and telling the organisers to “to turn that ****ing sh**e fog machine off”. I’ll be catching up on more highlights over the course of the week and suggest you do too.

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