#36alive 174: Enjoy The Sun During The Longer Summer Days

With yesterday being the longest day of the year here in the UK,  and with the temperatures soaring, then there is no better time to be outside as much as possible. There are many benefits to spending time outside but today we will concentrate on the benefits of being out in the sun.

Exposure to sunlight can increase the release of serotonin, which has mood boosting effects. Without enough sunlight people’s serotonin can dip which is associated with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  One of the treatments for SAD is light therapy but if the sun is out then why not make use of the natural light instead.

Sunlight provides us with vitamin D which is very important in the functioning of the body. For more information check our #36alive 69 post here.

According to the World Health Organisation, sun exposure can also help treat several skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, jaundis and acne.

Remember to be cautious when going out in the sun though as sun burn can be a nasty thing. We have got you covered with sun burn though, both with prevention and cures.

So, while the days are long and the weather is good, get outside as much as you can.

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