#36alive 170: Sunday Night Insight | Help Danyadara Cultivate A Sustainable Planet

On our recent trip to Suryalila Retreat Centre in Andalucia, Southern Spain, we met the team behind Danyadara – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reversing and mitigating desertification across the Andalucia.

Desertification essentially means the act of land turning from fertile, rich earth, into desert. Something we realised and think is incredibly important to understand from this, is that it’s not only the ice caps that are melting and water levels rising; the desert is getting bigger too. The more desert there is, the less land there is to grow crops, rear animals, dig for water, and live in. The world is already facing a worrying food shortage in many poor countries, and is running out of land to grow any more food in the richest countries, so helping organisations like this bring the land back to a state of abundance is sunny-garden2more important now than ever.

Danyadara means ‘Blessed Earth’, and the permaculture group uses sustainable agriculture techniques that will last for years to come. Through the use of recycling water from eco showers, companion planting, and composting just to name a tiny amount of the clever ways they implement their knowledge, they’re able to create an environment perfect for growing a huge amount of crops.

The Andalucian community faces around 50-60% unemployment, and with farmers paid a subsidy for growing and harvesting unsustainable and pesticide-ridden wheat, they have long stopped prioritising the quality of their products, leaving the landscape scarred by chemicals and over farming of the land.

About-usIf Danyadara can show the Andalucian community what is possible through living in harmony with nature, and using sustainable, natural growing techniques, they can help farmers cultivate healthier, better quality crops, and allow families to learn more about growing their own food. As the project grows, other areas of the world will be able to learn more about sustainability, and the benefits of growing foods without spraying them with hormone-laden, dangerous chemicals. Together, we can help create a more sustainable world for ourselves, and a better future for generations to come.

Take a look at the Danyadara website here, and help them plant trees by donating as little as 10 Euros! 

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