#36alive 156: Sunday Night Insight | Doctor In The House

With the upcoming election on the horizon, there has been a lot of focus on the NHS with the hard working staff underpaid and over worked. As a result of this, I think that it is now more important than ever that people take more responsibility for their own health rather than contributing to things that could be making them sick. A healthier lifestyle with a good diet which does not contain processed foods and regular exercise are two things that can help build up the immune system to keep us fit and healthy. Of course we all need to go to the see the doctor from time to time but if we can take a bit responsibility for our own health then this could lighten the load on the under pressure NHS.

With this in mind there is currently a series on the BBC called ‘Doctor In The House’ which sees Dr Rangan Chatterjee visit families who have health concerns to see if he can pinpoint improvements to their lifestyle that would be of benefit without reaching for medication at the first sign of trouble.

Dr Chatterjee believes the way the medical profession deals with certain issues could be improved, particularly with ailments such as Type 2 Diabetes, IBS and high blood pressure. I’m sure there are a number of doctors who agree with his approach but do not have the time or resources to attempt to treat root causes rather than symptoms, fortunately it seems Dr Cjatterjee does have the time, resources and the platform in which to get this information out there.

Dr In The House airs at 9pm on a Monday evening with episode 4 due tomorrow. The previous episodes are available on the iplayer link below.


And check out Dr Chatterjee’s website here.



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