#36alive 155: Make It Easier To Recycle At Home

Yesterday we told what main household things can be recycled, today we bring you some tips on how to make it easy. After all, if people have to go back and forth out to the garden where the main recycle bin is all the time then it is going to put people off.

The most simple way of doing this is to have a box or something similar that you can throw the recycled goods in to in the house then you can take it all out in one go, similar to the normal waste bin. The recycled goods shouldn’t smell so this doesn’t have to be a fancy bin with a lid on but by all means if you want a fancy recycling bin in the home as well then feel free.

I’m sure there are special bins you can buy now that actually have a separate compartment for recycled goods already built in to them. In fact I’ve just googled it and can confirm that they are readily available so treat yourself to a new bin, it is the weekend after all!

Label your bins to make sure everyone in the house is aware of what goes where.

Clean bottles and tins before putting them in the recycling.

Cut down on your post (i.e. go paperless from your bank) to reduce rubbish.

Re-use things where possible (i.e. if you get a plastic carton from a takeaway, don’t just throw it straight in the recycling, use it to store things in).


If everyone does their bit for the environment by recycling where possible then this will be a good start in helping preserve the Earth that man seems hell bent on destroying.

recycle 4


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