#36alive 154: What To Recycle At Home

So it turns out the President of the U.S.A doesn’t believe in science and is not concerned with climate change, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Luckily it seems that there has been a significant backlash to this across the pond and it hammers home that we all need to try to be more mindful about what we can do as individuals to help protect the environment. We will cover a number of these in the weeks to come but today we start with simply recycling at home where possible.

It is often easier to just throw everything in to the rubbish without thinking whether or not it can be recycled, but it would also be easier to not have to wear clothes and walk around naked all the time but we don’t do that, so maybe we shouldn’t always take the easy option. It takes no time at all to separate recycled goods from waste product so there is no excuse really.

Here are is some information on what can and cannot be recycled:

Paper and cardboard – newspapers should be separated from everything else and make sure any magazines, envelopes, and forms of packaging are recycled.

Plastic – probably the most important material to recycle as it can’t be broken down naturally which is why your plastic bag from the supermarket costs 5p as these often end up in the sea or washed up on shore which is dangerous for sea life.

Glass – paper labels can be left on glass but wash out the insides of the jar, which might take a couple of minutes (especially if it’s a jar of peanut butter) but you’d only be scrolling through Facebook anyway.

Aluminium, Steel and Copper  – rinse out any tins which had food in them and remove the labels.

Check back tomorrow for some tips on how to make recycling easier.

recycle 5

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