#36alive 148: Protect Your Skin With Sun Tan Lotion

A while back a friend was talking about this blog so I asked him if he had any suggestions (not that we’re running of things of course!). His reply was “wear sun tan lotion”, and saying as today is “National Sunscreen Day” (yep, we’re still taking notice of the different made up days of the year), I decided to that it was a good idea to suggest it. Especially with this little mini heatwave we’re having in the UK at the minute.

Now, I am aware that some people frown on the use of sunscreen because of the chemicals used in them which do seep through the skin in to the body, and if you do frown upon it then good for you, but I reckon the benefits of sun tan lotion far out way any negative effects.

When I decided to do this post I text my friend who’s original idea it was why he thought it was good to wear sun tan lotion and he came back with three simple things, so without any further a due, here is a guest post from Mr Wayne Goodwin:

Reasons to wear sun tan lotion;

  • Less wrinkles
  • Protects against skin cancer
  • Smells like you’re on holiday

If the first two don’t convince you then I’m sure the third will, so if you are going out in the sun, stick some sun tan lotion to protect your skin, I wish I had yesterday so I didn’t have to go out with a bright red hooter last night.

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