#36alive 146: Sleep Your Way To A Healthy Diet

We’ve touched on sleep in the past on the blog with this post touching on the subject again with a post that ties in nicely with this one from #36alive 30.

In our #36alive30 post we discussed what foods to eat that can promote a good night’s sleep, with today’s post reversing it telling you how the quality and duration of your sleep affects what you eat.

This is all down to two hormones known as the hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin.

Leptin is a hormone that decreases appetite with ghrelin doing the opposite increasing appetite.

If people don’t sleep enough, hormones ghrelin and lectin go out of whack, with leptin levels reducing and ghrelin levels going up. This means that when we’re sleep deprived the hormone that makes us eat is much stronger than the one that tells us we’ve had enough, rather than them being at more neutral levels. This can lead to poor food choices and more calories.

So, ensure you get enough sleep, and if someone calls you lazy, tell them you’re busy losing weight. Good night!

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