#36alive 145: Take An Ayurvedic Dosha Test

Ayurvedic-Supplements.jpgAfter yesterday’s guest post from Yoga teacher Adam Husler, we thought we’d introduce you today to another aspect of Yoga – Ayurveda.

Truthfully, Yoga is more a part of Ayurveda than Ayurveda is a part of Yoga, and this ancient health system has been around for thousands of years. Known as the ‘sister science’ of Yoga, it encompasses dietary advice, herbs, physical exercises, yoga postures, meditation, visualisation, mantras, cleanses and detoxes, therapies like massage, and lifestyle advice as a way of finding balance.

Translated as ‘Life Knowledge’, Ayurveda is all about knowing yourself, knowing life, and knowing how to keep yourself well and healthy whilst living your life. This system reasons that each person’s natural state of being is health and happiness, and that when we feel pain or discomfort, when we’re ill or run down, that we’re simply out of balance in some aspect.

The word Dosha refers to each person’s unique body and mind type, and knowing your dosha is the first step towards discovering how to use Ayurveda in your own everyday life. There are three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Yoga asanas by sunset - 3D renderWe’ll soon be sharing some advice for each person’s Dosha, so take a test by clicking HERE and kick start your ability to feel well and happy totally naturally! Remember: answer all the questions according to how you are naturally, most of the time.

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