#36alive 144: Adam Husler Guest Post | “Try Some Stoic Inspired Negative Visualisation”

Headshot1Adam Husler is arguably one of the UK’s busiest and most coffee-fueled Yoga teachers. After being involved with the Boys Of Yoga, his name is pretty much everywhere in the world of Yoga in London, but as a teacher in his own right, he’s inspirational and original.

With a background in martial arts, ultra marathon running, boxing, a law degree and over 9 years’ Yoga practice, Adam now teaches internationally, and says his classes focus on alignment and creative sequencing, and more on mobility than flexibility – something we’re so glad to hear! He’s worked with Adidas, Kit & Ace, Harrods, The Hoxton, OHMME, The Evening Standard, and we’ve collaborated with him on today’s gem of inspiration for living well.

Find out more about Stoic philosophy and this very different practice of visualisation from Adam:

“Shakespeare wrote that “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”, a line inspired by the thought of the ancient philosophical school of Stoicism.

They held a strong belief that a large cause of our suffering was our belief that buying something, achieving something, getting somewhere would lead to our happiness. Of course, any happiness achieved would be temporary and our minds will look forward to the next thing that will ’surely’ bring us the happiness we Meditationdesire.

To break through this cycle, the Stoics advocated what might now be considered negative visualisation; consideration of losing the things that you value like job, possessions, home, family, friends….

Why do this? Well, by imagining their loss you begin to appreciate them more each and every day, becoming more satisfied with the things you have, rather than wasting energy chasing the imagined satisfaction that might come from the things you are yet to have. Perhaps a fringe benefit is also that should you ever lose these logothings, you will have already prepared mentally for that possibility”.

Try some negative visitation for yourself.

Find out more about Adam, his classes, retreats and events at www.adamhusler.com and make sure you head along to the free entry Brighton Yoga Festival on July 8th and 9th for a very special workshop with Adam himself!

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