#36alive 141: Relax Your Jaw

After meeting an orthopedic dentist recently I have really noticed how much tension I hold in my jaw. The dentist was telling me about how problems with the body can sometimes result as the tension we are holding in our jaw and face. Ever since that conversation I have been paying close attention to my mouth and every time I do bring my attention to it, I am subconsciously clenching it. I am by no means an expert on this subject but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or orthopedic dentist to tell me that clenching my jaw can not be a good thing at all. In fact when I do notice it and allow my mouth to relax, I instantly feel a little more relaxed everywhere.

As you’re reading this just take your attention to your jaw and if you are clenching it, just allow the bottom teeth to move away from the top, keeping the mouth shut and let the tension ease away.

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