#36alive 139: National Notebook Day

Today is National Notebook Day so lets all celebrate by putting our technological devices down, and reaching for a good old pen and paper, I mean, who doesn’t like making lists?!

I certainly do, I love it, can’t get enough, from shopping lists to set lists, to-do lists to gratitude lists, the list (pun intended) is endless.

There is also something about writing things down that triggers our memory helping us to remember things, this can come in particularly handy at exam time of year. A study carried out at Princeton University backed this theory up. A control group were shown a lecture with half advised to take notes by hand and half on a laptop. After the lecture the students were given a test on factual recall in which they both scored the same, however when it came to answering conceptual questions, the students who took hand written notes fared better.

They also carried out a different study with the students being advised that they were to take a test a week later and could use their notes to revise, again the students with hand written notes came out on top. Now, there could be other factors at play here, they could have just chosen the swots to be given the pen and paper, with them then revising more but it does make sense to me that there is more connection when actually writing something down rather than mindless typing away, as I am right now. In fact, to reiterate this point, I wrote this post yesterday ready to unleash on the world today but deleted it without saving and could I hell remember hardly anything I had typed out. It was much better than this post though, just take my word for it.

So, if you are revising, write stuff down to help you remember. If you are not revising, then maybe write yourself a to-do list for the next day, especially if you find yourself lying in bed at night with your mind racing trying to remember what you have to do which can keep you awake. Or make any sort of list, it’s surprisingly satisfying, especially when you can write “done” next to a completed task.

Write todays blog post – DONE!

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