#36alive 130: Try A Plant Based Protein For Better Digestion & Longer Lifespan | Hemp


pshaeProtein seems to be the word on everyone’s lips right now – are you getting enough? What type is best? When is best to consume it? Or are you actually getting too much?

While consuming protein of course helps to build muscle, repair tissue, maintain healthy metabolism, help you feel full, aids in the production of enzymes, hormones, and provides the ‘building blocks’ of hair, nails, ligaments and bones, cartilage and blood, too much of it is actually associated with a decrease in longevity.

ultrabeef_muscle_growth_by_salvador503-d95etpuThat’s right – when we consume high amounts of protein, there’s an important trade off. It can build bulk and muscle mass, but at a cost of years off your lifespan. Other things like elevated blood sugar, weight gain, kidney stress, leaching of bone minerals, and a stimulation of cancer cell production are also very real risks of a high protein diet. 

One of the main issues with protein is that it can be hard to digest, this putting extra stress on the body. Stress often increases inflammation, which in turn speeds up the pshakeageing process and the risk of illness. Especially if your protein happens to come from an animal source.

We’re totally not saying that everyone should become vegan or vegetarian – it doesn’t suit everyone, and there are countless disputes over which diet is actually the most natural for humans. However, a diet rich in animal protein does show increased inflammatory markers, as well as a higher risk of kidney disease, cancers, and slow to digest or undigested foods can potentially stay in the body for far longer than is healthy, causing toxins to reabsorb into the intestines and into the body.

SO, if you’re currently going heavy on the protein shakes, you could benefit from switching to hemp protein half the time, in order to continue building muscle, but also decrease the risk of illness, and cultivate a longer, healthier life at the same time!

Eco+Friendly+HempBenefits of Hemp:

  • Sustainable
  • High in amino acids
  • High in Arginine and Histidine – important for growth
  • Easy to digest
  • Helps boost mood levels
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Contains a healthy dose of omega 3 to omega 6 ratio fats (3:1)
  • High in fiber – essential to gut health. (Plus, a high protein and low carb diet is often the reason you’ll end up with constipation and digestive issues)

Hemp-Protein-Product-PageJust as you would with a whey or other type of protein, look for good quality Hemp. Small companies such as Hum & Crumble tend to care a little more about the quality of their products, while bigger businesses may add fillers and ‘other’ ingredients.

And no – this isn’t an affiliated post (although if Hum & Crumble want to send us anything, you’re more than welcome!), we just genuinely think the UK based company are pretty awesome for putting so much thought into their products! Check out the Brighton brand if you’re in the South of the UK.

For more on plant based proteins, click here. 


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