#36alive 129: Use Your Fingers To Strengthen Your Brain….

Brain training is the relatively new way of helping prevent cognitive decline and boost memory and learning abilities in both old and young people.

Whilst we’re all about the importance of challenging the body, we also know it’s important to challenge the mind too. When we exercise something, it generally gets stronger, and this holds true with brains as well as biceps.

Small daily exercises to help wake up the brain and increase cognitive function can go a long way towards staving off Alzheimer’s and dementia, and even though we may be using our brains all day at work, we’re not necessarily stretching and strengthening them and making them better.

Originating from Brain Gym, this little trick takes just a minute or so, and can help wake up your brain in the morning, before a test or meeting, or when your mind is feeling foggy. The technique helps the two hemispheres of the brain communicate, strengthening neural pathways and encouraging the growth of new brain cells!

Keeping your hands still (i.e not twisting your wrist or moving our arm), switch between these two hand positions quickly, trying to keep the movement going for at least 30 seconds.




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