#36alive 127: Sunday Night Insight | Tim Ferriss Show

On Sunday’s we like to share work from other people that inspire us and that we learn from so this week we bring to your attention Mr Tim Ferriss.

I first became aware of Tim about 6 years ago when he released his book “The Four Hour Work Week” (I still haven’t managed this) and kept on coming across him when searching for random things online.

Tim puts his money where his mouth is often using himself to experiment on to see what can and can’t be done for us humans to realise out potential. One particular experiment led to another book called “The Four Hour Body” where he details how to transform your self in to an adonis working out for only 4 hours a month. I don’t think that some of the things in that book are particularly healthy but that’s just my opinion but nevertheless, I am still a big fan of the content Tim puts out there.

Tim’s blog is a treasure trove of information with a whole host of different topics covered so be sure to check that out but what we are putting out there today is his podcast. His latest episode featured Dr Rhonda Patrick who we have already mentioned on the blog and today I listened to an episode with Dorian Yates which gave a great insight in to health, fitness and mentality.

So if you’re looking for a new podcast to get your teeth in to, check out The Tim Ferriss Show.

Click Here For The Podcast!

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