#36alive 123: Relieve Pain, Stress and Increase Longevity With Acupressure Point K1

Acupuncture is an ancient and revered way to maintain and rekindle health and wellbeing, and while the prospect of being poked with needles puts many people off, it’s useful to know you can still benefit without the use of them at all….

Acupressure points can be utilised with the pressure of the fingers instead of needles, making these points easily accessible whenever they’re needed. Reducing jet lag, increasing metabolism, and relieving insomnia are just a few things acupressure can help with, and it’s also useful for everyday stress relief.

Stress increases inflammation in the body, which in turn increases pro-inflammatory biomarkers, thus also speeding up the ageing process. When we let stress rule our lives, we reduce our predicted lifespan, but when we learn to relieve some of it, we gain that time back!

Acupressure point K1 is also known as the ‘bubbling spring’ point, and is located on the sole of the foot, along with over 7000 nerve endings. Interestingly, it also relates to the kidneys in the chinese medicine tradition, which are another point on the body closely linked to and effected by stress.

67e8bd_170eddaa4ed54b2a953fb33f9181ef87-mv2To use this point to relieve stress and pain, and promote longevity, choose a moment when you’re able to sit comfortably with bare feet. Press the point firmly with your thumb or index finger for 30 seconds, remove for 5 seconds, and then press again for 30 seconds once more. Breathe slowly and deeply whilst you do this.

As with most things, you’ll find the most benefit with consistency. Use this acupressure point often with the same intention in order to notice the biggest benefit. Mornings and evenings when you’re in bed may also be a useful time to practice this whilst taking a few quiet moments for yourself.

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