#36alive 112: Make Your Bed So You Can Lie In It

While listening to a podcast recently (I forget which one), there was a discussion about things we can do to start the day off right. I have been through many different morning routines which included a whole host of stuff. This can end up taking quite a long time, become quite stressful and more hassle it’s worth trying to fit everything in; getting up, meditating, breath work, gratitude list, stepping outside on the earth, drinking a hot lemon drink, moving my joints, stretching, going for a run or a workout, and taking a cold shower are some of the things I’ve tried to fit in to a daily morning practise but sometimes it all gets too much.

I am a big believer that one of the most unhealthy things people can do is get out of bed at the last minute, jump in the shower, quickly eat breakfast then head straight out to work (normally sitting behind a steering wheel or on public transport). I would hazard a guess that a lot of peoples* mornings that are reading this post, look like that. Often I do this, and I notice that I am not as productive during the day and often in a bad mood, especially when stuck in a two hour traffic jam like yesterday (you didn’t really need to know that but I still haven’t let go of it and I’m hoping people reading this will share some of my dismay with it).

I think it is vitally important that people do something for themselves in the morning before heading out to work, whether that be a little meditation, a little movement practice or something else.

Now back to the podcast I was listening to, the discussion around the morning practice came from a talk a Navy SEAL had done, and in response to a question of “Is there one bit of advice you can give people looking to be more productive”, the Navy SEAL responded with “Yes, make your bed every morning as soon as you get up”.

Now this might sound like a rubbish bit of advice, what difference does it make if our bed is made or not, but thinking about it, it can make a lot of difference (it’ll look nice when we get back in it later for one). The reason why this is such a good thing to do is that it sets our day off on the right foot. If we can do this bland, meaningless task first thing, it puts our mind in a place of ‘getting things done’ early, which can then have a snowball effect for the rest of the day.

So, when you get out of bed tomorrow morning (and every morning), get them pillows fluffed back up, the duvet nice and tidy, then go and get stuff done for the rest of the day.

*That’s right, I typed the word “peoples” and not “peeps”, and will continue to do so. In fact, if anyone notices that I ever use “peeps” on any social media platform I have, and I am not doing it in an ironic way, then please have a strong word with me. Thanks peeps.

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