#36alive 110: Home Made Mood Boosting Bath Oil

untitledSo yesterday (#36alive 109) we spoke all about the benefits of ylang ylang essential oil, and today it’s all about using this oil – mixed with just one ingredient you’re already likely to have at home – in order to create a spa-like bath time that can really raise mood levels.

Essential oils are absorbed by the skin far more efficiently when mixed with oil, and adding a few drops to your chosen oil before pouring it into the bath can make a huge difference in the amount of benefit you feel from the oil. Baths are an age-old ritual, used across the world and for a range of different reasons. This bath in particular can be used to soften skin, relieve inflammation, encourage relaxation and make your day a whole lot happier.

Buy_Sunflower_OilSunflower oil

Despite the fact that we’ve all been encouraged to cook with plant oils for the past 50 years, they’re actually pretty detrimental to health when they’re heated, becoming rancid and damaging to the body. We’ll cover the why, how and what of cooking oils in upcoming posts, but for now, just trust us that the sunflower oil in your kitchen cupboard would be far more beneficial in the bath than in the frying pan….

Sunflower oil is also high in vitamin E, which can help protect the collagen and elastin in the skin, lock in moisture, reduce redness, scarring and inflammation, and can help with the development of healthy new skin cells. As Summer approaches, sunflower oil could be your new answer to sore, sunburned skin!

Ylang Ylang

For the benefits of ylang ylang – including relieving stress and anxiety, softening skin and calming Printirritation, providing a natural aphrodisiac and emotionally inspiring feelings of ‘joy and hope’ – check yesterday’s post (#36alive 109).

To make the bath oil, simply mix 5-7 drops of ylang ylang with roughly a ¼ of a mug of sunflower oil, pour into a warm bath, and slide in. Stay in the water for around 20 minutes, and notice the effects of this powerful natural oil. The sunflower oil will naturally attract towards the skin, so gently rub it in to absorb the benefits of the essential oil. Importantly – make sure you wipe your bath afterwards with a towel in order to remove all the excess oil, and preventing the next person who uses the bath from slipping!

How do you feel after trying this bath? Let us know!




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