#36alive 106: Cold Shower Level 3

In our final post about cold showers for this week we bring you one more way to incorporate cold showers in to your daily regime. If you’re new to cold showers then make sure you check back to the previous posts this week on how to do this safely but after doing so, and getting comfortable with yesterday’s cold shower challenge, then proceed to today’s, which is:

1 minute cold, 1 minute warm, 1 minute cold etc etc……ensuring you begin and end with cold.


That brings an end to our ‘cold shower therapy week’ and the only way to end it is to give one last shout out to Wim Hof. If this is the first of our posts you’ve read this week then please do go back and check our #36alive100, 102, 103 and 104 posts.

I absolutely love the way Wim Hof is becoming more and more well known throughout the world and hope that everyone becomes aware of the benefits of the Wim Hof method in the future.


If you’d like to progress with cold showers, remember to always do this in a safe way. Wim Hof actually has a 10 week course that you can sign up for. I am currently half way through this and can highly recommend it. Here is a link to the course, we get no money at all for promoting this and are only doing so as we feel it is something very worthwhile that people should know about.


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