#36alive 100: Sunday Night Insight | “The Iceman” Wim Hof

We’ve been following Wim Hof for a couple of years now and yesterday we had the pleasure of spending the day with him at his workshop in London, and what an inspiring day it was. We heard Wim’s story told by the man himself, in his own unique way! We were then led through breathing exercises for around 45 minutes in which the energy in the room transformed in to something of a frenzy, in a good way. A good sort of frenzy!

We then heard from Dr Bart who walked us through the science behind the method and the studies that have been carried out on Wim, and then the grand finale……the ice bath! The whole place stripped down to their shorts and bathing costumes and delved in to a paddling pool full of ice and water for 2 minutes, thank god it was a nice day in London yesterday!

We will talk more about the day and about the Wim Hof Method but if you’re not familiar with the man then a great place to start is the Vice documentary on Wim from a few years back. So click the link below and be amazed…..

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