#36alive 96: Try Coconut Oil In Your Coffee

thVIPGOQN2Combining coffee’s ‘buzzy’ effect with coconut oil’s long-term energy boost means that if you decide to consume coconut oil and coffee before working out, you’re likely to be able to do a whole lot more, and feel a little better whilst doing it. Rhonda Patrick, founder of the blog and podcast Found My Fitness, helps explain more here:

Because the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil are easily and rapidly transported into the mitochondria, unlike long chain fatty acids, they are immediately used for energy, resulting in a burst of energy and thermogenesis, which, subsequently, increases metabolism. Several animal studies and clinical studies have proven that ingestion of coconut oil increases metabolism and decreases body fat both in animal studies performed on mice, and humans. Rats that were fed a diet consisting of medium chain fatty acids had less subcutaneous fat, a visibly evident decrease in body fat, increased metabolism and increased thermogenesis.2 The energy burst that is produced by medium chain fatty acids is also important for athletic endurance.


BrainSo we know that consuming coconut oil is good for the body, but it’s also good for the mind , too, especially when mixed into coffee! The combination of caffeine and beneficial saturated fat helps to deliver a very noticeable amount of energy to the brain, which makes sense, as the brain is made of roughly 60% fat, and coffee and caffeine have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier.

Born out of bio hacker Dave Asprey’s experience of drinking Yak Butter tea whilst trekking in Tibet, he subsequently began thoroughly researching the science behind fats Coconut-Oil-In-Coffeeand ketosis, and developed his own brand of Bullet Proof coffee (and more recently, Brain Octane oil). The Bullet Proof movement is huge, and promises to help people think faster, and perform better. With the evidence in modern health and wellbeing research showing that high fat diets and ketogenic diets do have the ability to help with things like chronic pain and hormone imbalances, we think it might be worth a try….

SO, if you’ve got a long essay to write, a presentation to give, a long workout ahead of you, a long time until lunch, or you just want to know what all the fuss is about, try adding coconut oil to your coffee and let us know how you feel!

The Method:

(Start with a tea spoon, and work your way up to a table spoon).

Add the coconut oil to a mug, and pour in hot coffee. Stir thoroughly, and sip!

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