#36alive 90: Date(s)

No, we haven’t turned in to a dating blog, we are talking about the fruit of course.

As we move out of Winter I find my body naturally starts to crave more fruit, which generally means I start eating a bucket load of Dates (often dipped in peanut butter). Alright so they might not look very appealing but these things are up there with my favourite snacks.

Dates have some amazing health benefits as well as being fantastic in helping to fuel any workout that you want to do. While the durian is commonly known as the ‘King of Fruits’, I would be willing to bet that the simple Date would take this title if you asked any athlete that is looking for a tasty performance boost.

Many plant based athletes have thrived in the world of endurance events such as ultra-marathons and iron man races, such as Michael Arnstein, Scott Jurek, Tim Van Orden,and  Rich Roll to name but a few. After spending what is probably an unhealthy amount of time watching and reading interviews with these, as well as non-plant based athletes, I have discovered Dates to be the most commonly spoke of natural source of energy among them. Why is this you may be wondering, well here are some facts about this delicious fruit…

Dates are a great source of natural fiber and high in a key source of energy for the human body; Glucose. This means they are very easily digested and allows your body to make fast use of all the energy and nutrients they provide. Now this is extremely important as many people think that they should be ‘Carb loading’ before an event. While this is beneficial and recommended for slow release energy, if done the wrong way this could be doing more harm than good as your body is using more energy to digest the food and quite often your body might not have had the time to turn this heavy load in to glycogen which provides us with the energy needed.

I know what you’re thinking, well I know what I was thinking when I first learnt about Dates, won’t the high levels of glucose and the fast absorption raise blood sugar levels?! Don’t panic, thankfully, due to their surprisingly low glycemic index, this is not the case…..phew!

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#36alive 90: Date(s) As we move in to Spring I find my body naturally starts to crave more fruit, which generally means I start eating a bucket load of dates. Dates are a great source of fibre and high in a key source of energy for the human body; glucose. 😋😋 Dates also contain several B Vitamins, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, and Potassium. 😋😋😋 To find out why this is all good then head over to the blog for more information (link in bio). 😋😋😋😋 I've been trying to think of an amusing way I can link the short video of me quickly eating a date to a speed dating by joke but I can't so I won't mention it. #speeddating #dating #date #dates #onlinedating #eating #food #realfood #fruit #spring #plantbased #plantpower #lifestyle #seductive #whatsthedate #dateofbirth

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They also contain a whole host of micro nutrients such as several B Vitamins, as well as minerals Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium which are used for the following:

B3 – Essential for energy production, brain function and skin. Helps balance blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels.

B5 – Essential for energy production, controls fat metabolism, maintains healthy skin and hair, is essential for brain and nerves, also helps make anti-stress hormones.

B6 – Helps protein digestion and utilisation, brain function, and hormone production. Natural anti-depressant and diuretic, helps control allergic reactions.

Copper – Builds strong tissue, maintains blood volume, produces energy in our cells, strengthens bones.

Magnesium – Strengthens bones and teeth, promotes healthy muscles by helping them relax, important for heart muscles and nervous system. Essential for energy production.

Manganese – Cell production and function, helps to form healthy bones, cartilage, tissues, and nerves, activates enzymes including an antioxidant enzyme system, stabilises blood sugar, promotes healthy DNA and RNA.

Potassium – Water balance in tissues, promotes healthy nerves and muscles, muscle contraction, produces constant energy, maintains heart functioning and stimulates gut movement (lovely).


If you really want to treat yourself, then pay a bit extra for Medjool Dates which, tasting like caramel, makiea great dessert  (mixed with yoghurt, and chopped nuts, and maple syrup, and dark chocolate). Careful though, you may get so excited eating Medjool Dates that you forget about the stones in the middle and accidently crack your tooth on one, not that I’ve done that of course, I’m just saying that it’s possible……it happened to a mate of mine, not me.


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