#36alive 89: Increase Iron Absorption With Vitamin C

152-2019_PI_TPS1531000Iron deficiency is one of the most prevalent yet undiagnosed health issues that effects millions of people worldwide. Sufficient iron is important for making the protein haemoglobin, which helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. Women are especially predisposed to low iron levels, but men can also feel the symptoms of lethargy, weakness, pale skin, dizziness, cravings, shortness of breath, tingling feelings in the legs, tongue swelling and muscle soreness.

If levels of Iron become too low, this is classified as anemia. Adding foods such as nuts, seeds and beans, tofu, brown rice, molasses, fish, red meat to your diet can help increase iron levels, and even though leafy greens are often cited as having high levels of iron, they actually contain non-heme iron, which is pretty difficult for the body to actually absorb. (FYI, it’s said that spinach can actually prevent efficient iron and calcium absorption, so Popeye may not provide as thH4HK76HCmuch scientific evidence when it comes to spinach and strength as we all thought….)

To increase your chances of maintaining healthy iron levels, it’s useful to consume foods high in vitamin C at the same time as foods high in iron, as vitamin C can help boost iron uptake in the body. So, today’s simple tip, try these food combinations to effectively combine iron and vitamin C.

  • Chickpeas + Quinoa
  • Steak and tomatoes
  • Potato and turnip greens
  • ironBlack beans and molasses
  • Tofu and brown rice
  • Chickpea salad with lemon
  • tofu and watercress
  • lentils and eggs
  • peas, tahini and bulgur wheat
  • Fish and peppers


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