#36alive 83: Say Yes!!

It’s easy to get in to the habit of sticking to what we know, going through the same routine over and over, and while routine is of benefit, it would do us good to sometimes get out of our normal routine and try different things. If you found yourself becoming something of a recluse over the cold Winter months and are struggling to get out to socialise again, for the next week, say “yes” to every invite you get.

Many of you may be aware of a book called ‘The Yes Man’ written by Danny Wallace, if not the book, then the film of the same titled starring Jim Carrey which is based on Danny’s story. The author decided that he was stuck in a rut so decided to say yes to every request, invite, opportunity over the course of the year. He took this to the extreme volunteering DWfor all sorts of things and getting himself in all sorts of predicaments however he came out of the year a happier person, with a different outlook on life having learnt a lot of the course of the experiment.  The book has even spawned ‘Yes Tribes’ that have started up all over the country.

It’s up to you what extreme you take this to but you can simply start by accepting an invite to go out and socialise, whether it be dinner, for walk, a drink, to exercise, whatever. Even volunteer and say yes to something at work, you never know what opportunities may arise. Or find a local ‘Yes Tribe’ and join them.

Once you start saying yes to more things then you will become in the habit of doing so, this will then allow you to accept or decline any invites based on a clearer outlook in the future. I mean lets face it, we all have invites that we want to say no to and if you really don’t want to go to something then don’t, but if you’re in two minds about something in the future, the power of yes may just sway you.

Beware though, after reading “The Yes Man” I bought a car off a colleague a week later when he asked me direct if I wanted to, it can be quite exhilarating, if expensive.

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