#36alive 79: Sunday Night Insight | ‘Cure’ by Jo Marchant

We’ve all been susceptible to the placebo effect at one point or another, even if we’re unaware of it at the time…. The point is, even though ‘positive thinking’ isn’t always taken seriously in the medical industry, it could be one of the most important and vital placebo-effectaspects of health and healing.

Jo Marchant’s book explores various case studies and examples of when the placebo effect has been most powerful, on both individual and national scales. We learn of both the mind’s potential and limitation when it comes to reducing inflammation, releasing endorphins, influencing immune response, and preventing illness. If you’ve ever thought of the placebo effect as a negative thing too, you’ll learn the surprising benefits of believing what the mind wants us to think…. from being influenced by the colour and size of pills, to fake surgeries and the healing effect of simply being in the company of a caring medical professional.

Think positive thinking is just for new-age hippy types? Think again. (And think positively!). Possibly on of the most simultaneously insightful and scientifically backed books around at the moment regarding the power of the mind over the body…. We highly recommend giving this a read!

If you’re just after one simple tip for today: Increase the power of your painkillers. If you have to take an over-the-counter painkiller, make a ritual of it rather than just gulping it down. Imagine it healing the part of your body that is in pain, even say ‘thanks’ to the pills before taking them. Add just a little bit of extra thought and you might find your symptoms clear up even quicker!

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