#36alive 71: Sunday Night Insight | Stuff You Should Know

This weeks Sunday Night Insight focuses on the podcast Stuff You Should Know.

This podcast picks on a particular subject and listeners are given a brief understanding on how that subject works by hosts Josh and Chuck, in episodes generally ranging from 40 minutes to an hour. The hosts have a great dynamic and often go off on tangents which is highly entertaining.

I first listened to this about 5 years ago and if memory serves me correctly, I started my SYSK journey with “Can you outrun an alligator in a zig-zag” and I’ve been hooked ever since. If I have a particularly long drive, walk or any other sort of journey, Chuck and Josh will often keep me company,  resulting in me picking up a whole host of useless / useful facts and knowledge along the way.

I’d highly recommend that anyone checks this podcast out, but before you do, maybe have a look at the website so you can put a face to the names of Josh and Chuck. I didn’t do this and for 5 years thought the voice of Josh was the one with the beard, and Chuck was the clean shaven one, only for me to find out about 2 weeks ago that I’ve been picturing them the wrong way round when listening this whole time. What a revelation that was when I found out, I had to take a weeks break from listening to get my head round it.

SYSK is available through all the normal podcast avenues and has accompanying website, link below…….get it downloaded and be ready to knows load of stuff that you can either bore or entertain your friends with.







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