#36alive 68: Hold Your Nose To Clear Sinuses

March is the time of year that we leave Winter behind and head in to Spring, although no one seems to have told the weather that! As we head to Spring, the Winter colds and flu’s can still be lingering around resulting in blocked noses up and down the country, and no one wants a blocked a nose.

A simple trick to increase Nitrogen Oxide in to the nasal cavity which in turn will help clear the sinuses is to simply attempt to breath out through the nose (gently) while holding it, similar to when trying to pop the ears after landing following a flight.

If you feel your sinuses need cleared, do this for 7-10 seconds, you should notice a difference straight away. This always seems to work for me although sometimes I have to do it twice, and before any of my friends comment on this, yes, it is probably due to the size of my nose.

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