#36alive 66: Get Happy Naturally | Grapefruit Zest

grapefruit-smileEveryone feels a little low sometimes, but unless you’ve got the tools to overcome it (like meditation, exercise, listening to music or talking it through with someone, which we’ll cover in upcoming blog posts), it can be difficult to move out of a period of feeling not-so-great.

We’re always experimenting and researching, and recently we’ve come across an unlikely fruit that can boost your mood. Enter: the grapefruit.

Long known as the dieter’s fruit, thanks to its apparent fat burning properties and high levels of vitamin C, it’s not just the insides of the fruit that can be effectively used. The peel is just as handy!
woman nose on whiteGrapefruit essential oil and grapefruit zest from the peel have been shown in Mood Mapping studies to elicit feelings of happiness and wellbeing, as well as being stimulating and uplifting. If you pay attention to the smells around you, you’ll notice that each one elicits a different feeling or emotion, and as smell is the first sense to develop in the human body whilst in utero, it’s one of our most primal human aspects.

aromatherapy-essential-oil-bottleThe essential oil is known as an ‘Antidepressant, antiseptic lymphatic stimulant and diuretic. Cools, cleanses, decongests liver, lymph, spleen. Purifies blood, clears arteries, eliminates excess fluid, breaks down fat. Its dissolving qualities may diffuse gallstones. Calms mental chatter, activates frontal lobe for brain integration, increases happiness & mental clarity. This oil has also been found to be helpful for autism’. (source) However, this doesn’t mean you have to fork out the money to buy a bottle of grapefruit essential oil…

To benefit from grapefruit’s happiness – boosting powers, simply grate a tsp of pink grapefruit zest and add it to your morning smoothie, or use in this delicious pancake recipe from Well+Good.com 

You can also benefit from the smell alone by grating a small amount of zest and adding to a tbsp. of oil. Mix well and leave in a small bowl on your desk to inhale the aroma all day. To make an oil you can use on your skin, leave the zest in the oil for a couple of weeks in an air tight bottle, and then drain the oil to leave an uplifting and affordable body oil .


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