#36alive 63: Cook A Meal

Saturday nights are often takeaway nights, in fact Ant and Dec even have a TV show about it, not that we’d know of course because we all have our TV’s turned off after this weeks previous posts. However, I’ll do you a deal, you can switch that TV back on and put your feet up in front of it on one condition……you first spend time in the kitchen cooking in your own meal from scratch with fresh ingredients.

There are many benefits to home cooking, some of these include;

  1. Stress relief – switching off and concentrating only on the task at hand can be a nice way to relax, especially if you practice mindful cooking (whats this? I suppose I better do a blog post about it soon, stay tuned).
  2. Sense of achievement – after spending time preparing, chopping, washing, cooking, dressing, presenting the meal, it can provide the chef with a sense of achievement seeing their own work right in front of them ready to eat.
  3. You know whats in the meal – if you’ve ever looked at ingredient lists on packaged foods you’ll know that half of it doesn’t make sense, with things like sugar often given weird and wonderful names to disguise it. Cooking your own meal from scratch means you know exactly what is in there.
  4. Creativity – Depending on your preference you can either follow a recipe from scratch or get creative and play around with it a little, after all, a tea spoon and a handful of something are pretty much the same, right? And peanut butter definitely goes with avocado, no matter what anyone says and I’ve never seen that in a cookbook.
  5. Learn about new foods – you might end up eating foods that you never have had before and find foods you haven’t even heard of, how exciting!
  6. It can be social – cooking can be a great way to get everyone together to do something as a family.
  7. Save money – buying a batch of ingredients and cooking up a big meal is often cheaper than takeaway.
  8. Fun – I think this one is self explanatory, it’s fun to cook. Throw on some music, have a dance around, maybe a glass of red wine and get cooking up a storm.

So reach for your favourite cookbook, turn to a random page, get the ingredients, put on that pinny and chefs hat, turn the music up, open a bottle and get cooking.


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