#36alive 57: Sunday Night Insight | NutritionFacts.org

For our Sunday Night Insight this week we are pointing you towards the NutritionFacts.org website. Set up by Dr Michael Greger, Nutrition Facts is a strictly non-commercial, science-based public service, which provides free updates on the latest in nutrition research via short videos which are also available on YouTube. New videos are updated on a daily basis which means they are always keeping on top of any latest developments in the field of nutrition. It is hard to know which studies to trust as they are often funded by companies with an ulterior motive, thankfully, the team at Nutrition Facts remove that obstacle by trawling through these studies, studying the studies, and presenting the results in a non biased way.

The website also has a search function making it easy to find videos for particular ailments that may be of use and on specific foods.

Dr Michael Greger has also released a book called “How Not To Die” which isn’t telling us how to stay alive for ever, but rather giving us advice on reducing preventable disease so we don’t have to die from them.

All proceeds Dr. Greger receives from all book sales are donated to the 501c3 nonprofit charity NutritionFacts.org.

Here is a brief introduction video with Dr Gregor explaining why he set this website up.

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