#36alive 56: How To Cut An Avocado

The Avocado – one of the best things that anyone can eat, but what the hell is the best way to get in to them?

Before getting in to that, lets look at what health benefits they have. This fruit (yes it’s a fruit) is a great anti-inflammatory which helps keep joints supple. It is a good source of potassium, low in sodium which helps lower blood pressure and are packed full of anti-oxidants. The healthy fats have been shown to dramatically boost fertility and increase the success of IVF treatment so have one alongside oysters then hit the sack.

There are many ways that these can be eaten, personally, i like to scoop peanut butter in to the hole where the pit was and just eat it with a spoon, but more traditionally it is used to make guacamole and is a treat on toast dowsed with balsamic vinegar.

In fact, if I had to choose one thing to take on a dessert island with me to keep me going before being rescued by a passing yacht, it would be a pile of avocados.

After many struggles with getting in to these things, I have finally come across the best way to do it, and I have helpfully demonstrated this below………if you have an alternative way of doing this then please let us know……..

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