#36alive 54: Keep a Food Diary

A few years back some friends and myself used to log everything we ate in to a food diary app. This was a just a bit of fun so we could see, and tease each other, with what each of us were eating. However, recording exactly what I was eating on a daily basis turned out to be really interesting as it allowed me to track what nutrients I was and was not getting.

Food has never been more fashionable with people often looking for the latest fad diet to either get pounds of fast, or to get them in tip top shape. With all the fashionable diets about these days there is a lot of confusion over what to eat and what not to eat, my belief is that it is as simple as eating real whole foods, avoiding processed rubbish, while moving as much as you can, and maybe trying to exercise for a few hours a week (more to follow on the difference between moving and exercising in the coming weeks).

To help with this process it can be beneficial to keep a food diary for the folimg_6576lowing reasons;

  • You get to see exactly what you’re eating – sounds obvious doesn’t it but often them little sugary snacks, extra biscuit or extra packet of crisps can add up without us realising.
  • Accountability – everything you eat goes down in the diary so you are accountable for everything that gets written on there.
  • Feedback – if you notice that something you’ve ate hasn’t quite agreed with you, you can check the last time this happened and see if there is one particular food that may be causing this.
  • Learn about yourself – we all have a tendency to emotionally eat or eat when we’re bored. If you notice particular times where you seem to binge then you may also notice what it is that is setting these binges off.
  • Inspire creativity – if you’re getting bored of writing down the same foods all the time then you are probably getting bored of eating them as well. This can inspire you to try some new recipes or foods you have never done so before.


Like all things, don’t get obsessed with this or get down about it if you aren’t eating as healthy as you thought. Just try to improve a little day by day, and if you’ve a bad day then so what, write it off and be better the next day. Nobody is perfect, this is just a way for you to take a little accountability of what you are eating and hopefully something that will help you learn, and inspire you to adopt a healthier diet.

You can keep a written diary or use an app. The app I used to use is called My Fitness Pal which is very easy to manage. I am sure there are many other apps out there for this sort of thing these days as well.

The picture included in this article is my food diary for earlier this week.

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