#36alive 50: Squat To Poop

Carrying on the theme of gut health, and poop, our latest tip involved how we sit when we poop (drop the kids off at the pool, drop a deuce, dispatching the troops).

The way the western toilet is designed is not optimal for an efficient bowel movement due to the bend in the anal canal when sitting in this position. Many countries still use holes in the floor which people in the west may find disgusting or weird, however, it is a lot more normal to squat and get the business done than to sit on a toilet. When we squat the puborectalis muscle relaxes straightening the anal canal providing a much cleaner path for evacuation. Less strain more gain, that’s my motto (well it is now). Studies have actually shown that countries with westernized toilets have much higher colon and pelvic disease such as IBS, haemorrhoids, diverticulosis and colon cancer. Some of these may be due to the strain on the rectum in the unnatural position we place ourselves in when laying a cable.

Now, today’s advice isn’t to rip out your toilet and replace it with a hole in the ground but here is something you can do to change the shape of your anal canal to ensure a more pleasant bowel movement. Stick a little stool* (pun very much intended) under your feet as pictured to put your body more in a squat position and just feel that other type of stool whizz straight out. If you don’t have a little stool then improvise, maybe put a pile of books there, that  you always have reading material available as well.IMG_6537.JPG

Give it a go and thank us later.

This brings an end to our gut/poop related posts for now but as one of my favourite jokes revolves around this subject I feel it’s the right thing to do to tell it right here……

Two banana skins are sunbathing on a river bank when a bit of poop comes floating down the river. The bit of poop calls out to the two banana skins, “alright lads, get yourselves in the water, it’s lovely and warm”, one banana skin turns to the other one and says “don’t listen to him mate, he’s talking sh*t”.





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