#36Alive 48: Tips To Get A Good Poop

Presuming you all read yesterday’s post and are all checking your stools (thanks to those who contacted me telling me where they fall in the chart), it may be that a lot of people are not staying within the sweet spot of 3-5. The first step is knowing, the second is doing something about it. Here are some tips on how to get to that flawless number 4 stool…..

  • Eat more foods high in fibre
  • Cut out processed stuff (I call it stuff and not food because I don’t see it as food) and replace it with whole foods, this will naturally result in more fibre in your diet
  • Exercise – this can be as simple as walking a few miles
  • Stay hydrated (anyone who has had a hangover poo will know what happens when we’re dehydrated)
  • Avoid painkillers and antibiotics* where possible , these wreak havoc on our gut bacteria

So let’s do this together, I believe in you, let’s all strive to them smooth number 4’s regularly, and once again, pictures are not encouraged, I’ll take your word for it.

*I am not a doctor or health professional, if prescribed antibiotics or painkillers by a medical professional then take them as advised, but if it can be helped, try to avoid them where possible.


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