#36alive 47: Check Your Stool

So far this week we have been talking about gut health and now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty, get down and dirty and quite literally check this shit out!

The state of our stools can tell us a lot about what is going on inside our gut so it could be worth taking a sneak peak of what is coming out of your body and in to the toilet. If this sounds disgusting then so be it, get over it and do it anyway, after all, our waste is generally just water and whatever we put in our body mixed together.

I first started doing this when a haphazard dentist dropped a gold crown in to my mouth  I ended up swallowing it (I wasn’t looking for it to fish it out you understand, just to make sure it had passed) but I’ve never looked back.

How can you tell if you have a healthy bowel movement I hear you all ask……well, look no further than the Bristol Stool Chart (pictured) which shows a variety of different stools which I am sure we are all familiar with. Ideally, the majority of our stools would fall between 3-5, with 4 being the jackpot.bs

If you find yourself swaying from the 3-5 region on a regular basis then you may want to look at your diet and we will be providing tips tomorrow on how to do that (also see yesterday’s post which provides great information on pre-biotics and pro-biotics).

Also, for a bit of extra information, our stool shouldn’t make a big splash (we’ve all been there right) but a gentle “sploosh”, kind of like a clean dive in to a swimming pool rather than a cannonball. And the regularity of our bowel movement can vary from three a day, to three a week from person to person.

So over the next couple of days check your poop, see where on the scale it falls, then if you need to make a change, take some of the advice we gave you yesterday and will be providing tomorrow.

And for the record, and before anyone asks; three a day, very consistent, first thing in the morning, after my first meal of the day and mid-afternoon. Generally a 4, sometimes a 5 in the afternoon.

Feel free to let us know what your habits are as well, I look forward to hearing your results, let’s chat shit*!

*Pictures are not encouraged

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