#36alive 36: Sunday Night Insight| Rhonda Patrick – Found My Fitness

There is a lot of debate about what food we should be eating these days with people following all sorts of different  diets like paleo, vegan, ketogenic to name a few. It can be confusing to know who or what to believe when reading things online about what to eat and what not to eat, especially with different studies coming out almost on a daily basis which often contradict each other. There are many reasons for this and often these studies never tell the full story, often being funded by people with ulterior motives.

We have  few sources who we tend to listen to and take notice of with one of them being Dr Rhonda Patrick. Rhonda is an American biochemist who has a really balanced view on diet and backs up her opinions with science, with no ulterior motive. We have heard Rhonda on both the Rich Roll podcast and numerous times on the Joe Rogan Experience and she is a wealth of knowledge on the subject (be sure to have a note pad handy should you listen to her on these podcasts. She is often posting on her Instagram and Twitter pages (@foundmyfitness) with what she is eating and why she is eating it, and shares amazing insight in her own podcast……..which brings us to our Sunday Night Insight this week, her latest podcast which is a short 15 minute episode where she discusses meat consumption and its link to cancer. It is definitely worth a listen and I am actually going to listen again right now, so join me for an informative 15 minutes this Sunday evening.

Here is a link t the podcast which can also be found on iTunes.






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