#36alive 35: Seasonal Eating | February

Taken from #36alive 5, our seasonal eating January post:

Eating foods that are naturally in season around us can be one of the best ways to strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, allow the body to adapt to different temperature and seasonal changes, and also eat foods at their ripest, most nutrient-dense state. When foods are eaten at their most optimal stage, our bodies are able to access much more of the nutrients from them, and process this nutrients more effectively.

During different times of the year, the different parts of the world we live in are especially suited to producing certain foods. If you can eat seasonal foods that grow in the country you live in, not only will you be benefitting yourself, but you’ll be benefitting the planet too by reducing the amount of miles and the food has to travel and therefore fuel used before it reaches your plate.

Seasonal foods are often priced slightly lower in the supermarket too, since they’re more easily obtained, but if you shop at markets or independent stores, you’ll also be directly benefitting small family businesses and real people. Choose a few ingredients from the list below and prepare a seasonal meal – let us know what you made this month by leaving a message below!

Following on from this theme, get creative in the kitchen this month with some of the below in season foods.

February | In Season This Month

Brussels Sprouts



Jerusalem Artichoke



Purple Sprouting Broccoli





Blood Oranges








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