#36 Alive 34: Earth Yourself to Sleep

Our final sleep related post this week revolves around being earthed as you sleep. We have previously discussed the benefits of earthing / grounding in our #36alive 26 and 29 posts, and thanks to the many people who have carried out intensive work in this area, we can actually ground ourselves more than we think.

Earthing bed sheets, grounding mats, and footwear are all things that are now available to enable us to be grounded for longer. I personally sleep on an Earthing bed sheet every night now,  and sleep a lot deeper as a consequence, with the same being reported by others who do the same. In fact, Shaun Stevenson, author of ‘Sleep Smarter’ even includes this as one of his 21 tips to a better night’s sleep.

A lot of things go on in our body as we are preparing to sleep, while we are asleep, and when we are waking up. To simplify this, our body produces melatonin as the sunsets which lets us know that it is time to sleep, cortisol is then released when it is time to wake up. However, we can get these cortisol spikes in the middle of the night causing us to wake up earlier than we would like. Studies carried out on people sleeping on an Earthing sheet have shown that our cortisol levels remain the same until the morning when it is time to wake up, this is due to our body’s being back in sync with our natural circadian rhythm due to be grounded.


If you are interested in picking yourself up an Earthing sheet then be careful, there are many fakes out there. Www.groundology.co.uk is a reputable website that stores the real deal, and if you enter the discount code DTCEARTH you will get 5% discount on all purchases.

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