#36alive 27: Emotional Stress Release

Today’s tip/post/advice etc…….is a very simple one – place your hand across your forehead.

Often when we are stressed, anxious or worried about something, the capillary network sending blood to our brain is shut down, this is due to our body thinking we need more blood elsewhere to help us get away from the danger that is causing the stress, anxiety, worry. This is inherit in us due to our need to survive when living amongst wild animals and is known as our fight or flight response. This prevents us from thinking straight which is fine if we do need to run from something, but often our worries these days are more to do with things like an upcoming job interview, paying our mortgage, what people think of us, job security, or whether or not our football team will avoid relegation. This list is endless and can often leave us lying awake at night with all these thoughts rushing through our heads, preventing us from getting sleep, which only makes matters worse. Then, if you are like me, you will start worrying about your alarm going off without getting enough sleep, which in turn makes it harder to sleep, we’ve all been there……right?


A simple technique which can be used to bring the blood flow back to our brain, to help ease this tension ,is to place two fingers on the frontal eminences of our forehead (as pictured). This is often referred to as an Emotional Stress Release technique in Kinesiology. Placing one hand right across your forehead will also act the same way and you might have noticed that when you are trying to think of something or are feeling a little stressed your hand automatically does this, which suggests our body automatically knows that this helps.

While this can be done at any time, I find that this is a great help when my mind is racing whilst trying to sleep. So if this is happening to you, simply place your hand across your forehead, lie back, relax and float down stream (well not really float down stream but I thought I’d throw a Beatles reference in there). Hopefully this will ‘Help’ everyone ‘Get Back’ to sleep who tries it, after a ‘Hard Days Night’  with ‘Something’ on your mind (got a bit carried away with The Beatles references there, apologies, ‘I Should Have Known Better’).

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