#36alive 26: Earth Yourself

A few years ago while researching ways to combat jetlag I stumbled across all sorts of things, some useful, some not so much (drinking as much as alcohol as possible before passing out drunk sounded tempting, but I couldn’t convince myself it was the best solution). One thing that kept on popping up was to go barefoot on the earth when arriving at my new destination, with the thought process being that I would pick up on the natural magnetic frequencies released by the Earth. Sound a bit far-fetched? That’s what I thought until I read a book called ‘Earthing’ last year.


A brief explanation of how it works and why it is important to go barefoot is the connection with nature and the natural healing properties of the Earth. Due to the environment in which many of us now live, our bodies develop a positive charge which can cause chronic inflammation, which in turn has been linked to many degenerative diseases including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. There are many ways in which we can try to combat this with one being from the Earth itself. The Earth is full of negative electrons, when we ground ourselves and take in the natural negative electrons it can bring us back in to balance to help counter act free radicals within the body. Studies have shown that grounding ourselves can reduce inflammation, stabilise cortisol (which aids sleep as we aren’t getting a sudden boost of cortisol during the night that wakes us up), and can reduce jet lag, amongst many other things.

It is used to be thought that we were a victim of our genetics when it came to things like disease, weight, and behaviours. While our genes do play a part in this, it is now thought that this could be as little as 10% with our environment (diet, exercise, stress levels) controlling the other 90% by turning genes on and off. In effect, the way we nurture ourselves (our environment) plays a lot bigger role than our inherited nature (our DNA), and grounding ourselves can assist us with this.

We will no doubt delve in to this more over the course of the year with other tips that can help, but something simple that you can do right now (well maybe not right now but at some point today) is to kick off your socks and shoes, go outside, and stand barefoot on the earth, preferably on grass, mud or sand. Try adding this to your morning routine, even if only for a few minutes, and if you think you don’t have time then stand outside while drinking your morning coffee / tea or while brushing your teeth, I certainly feel the difference when doing this and hopefully you will too.

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