#36alive 24: Add a Pinch of Salt To Water


In #36alive 2, we spoke about the importance of drinking more water on a daily basis, and in #36alive 17, we discussed the benefits of swapping standard table salt for nutrient-dense Pink Himalayan Salt.

Today, we combine the two to create a natural and incredibly healthy electrolyte drink! You can literally take this ‘with a pinch of salt’….

maxresdefaultGood quality salt – whether it’s sea salt of himalayan salt, has the ability to hydrate the body more efficiently. The salt helps to provide the 84 trace minerals the body needs on a daily basis when added in small quantities (a pinch is enough). Just a pinch of salt can help hydrationthe body hydrate more efficiently, and improve muscle and brain function. Darin Olien spoke on the Rich Roll Podcast recently about next-level hydration, and mentioned that one of the most simple things to do is to add a pinch of good quality salt to a litre bottle of water. For more benefits of good quality salt, check back to #36alive 17, but today, instead of reaching for a processed electrolyte drink, try adding a pinch of good quality salt to a large bottle of water, and let us know how you feel!

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