#36alive 20: Morning Stretch

We’ve talked a little about the fascia in previous posts and included a link to “The Fuzz Speech” on our #36alive 15 post (if you haven’t watched that then go back and do so). There are many different movement techniques out there, from yoga, to ‘functional movement’, to stretching, to pilates, and while often there is a debate as to which one is the best, we believe that there is no ‘best’,  and that we should try and move the body in as many ways as possible.

We will continue to post about different ways to move and different techniques to use, and today we give you a great stretch to do first thing in the morning. There are numerous stretching techniques out there but the technique we are using today is resistance stretching, and in particular a stretch devised by Moving Stretch creator Suzanne Wylde.

The video below sees me attempting to go through this stretch whilst explaining it, while trying not to be put off by Emma laughing the whole time, hence the six takes!


Here is an explanation of how to perform the stretch as well:

  • Start with your feet just greater than shoulder width apart, have a little bend in your knees and hinge forward from the hips slightly.
  • With your hands crossed in front of your hips, tense the front of your hips, stomach and chest.
  • With the front of your body tensed, lift your arms up in a diagonal movement – keeping them straight – to a 45 degree angle, up and back so you now look a little like a starfish, pushing your hips forward as you do so.
  • Relax and bring your arms back down to the starting position.

Repeat this for 6-10 reps and see how you feel afterwards.


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