#36alive 17: Bath Oils For Rest Days & Relaxation


Spa scene with natural cosmeticsAs the January health craze reaches its peak, we’re guessing there may be a few sore muscles and aching joints out there. Here’s one way to soothe the body and help muscles relax and repair, and get you back to feeling your best.

Baths are wonderful things; the warm water relaxes both physical and nervous mental tension, and if you add a few salts and oils, the tub of warm water practically becomes a miracle-worker (miracles not guaranteed…)

bathblueEssential oils are often dismissed as not being as effective as chemical-filled creams and ointments, all because they’re natural. The thing is though, nature is filled with all the best healers, and often without any of the nasty side effects often related to off-the-shelf products.

Here are a few oils to add to your bath in order to bring your body back to life after a tough day:

Rosemary (3 drops): Brilliant for relieving sore muscles and lowering levels of cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone’)

Lavender (2 drops): One of the best oils for promoting a good night’s sleep, (and with a good night’s sleep, the body is able to repair itself more effectively), lavender can also lower levels of inflammation.

Black Pepper (3 drops): Warming and circulation-boosting, black pepper oil can help bring fresh blood and oxygen to muscles.

Eucalyptus (2 drops): Wonderful for calming the nervous system and boosting mood levels, eucalyptus is also great for clearing sinuses and headaches.

If you’re looking for an extra way to naturally relax, then White Chestnut is a great Back remedy to reduce worries and anxiety, and the less worried and anxious the mind is, the better the body is at healing and repairing itself.

Try it for yourself, and keep these oils handy as they have plenty of other uses, which we’ll cover in upcoming posts!


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