#36alive 17: Make a Salt Swap


himalyan_salt-702x500If you regularly use standard table salt to garnish and flavour your meals, we’ve got something to tell you about a very different salt that could give you very important benefits.


Himalayan Pink Salt

The name may sound exotic, but this nutrient-filled salt is now widely available in supermarkets and almost all health food shops. Unlike processed table salt, Himalayan salt contains all the minerals the body needs in order to function optimally, and is minimally processed, often coming from areas without pollution.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using Pink Himalayan Salt in your cooking and on your meals:

muscle-lead-image-631x300It can….

  • Regulate the body’s water levels (decreasing bloating, whilst maintaining hydration)
  • Balance the PH of cells – particularly brain cells
  • Maintain healthy muscle function
  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels
  • Aid in the absorption of food particles in the digestive tract
  • Aid in preventing muscle cramps
  • Maintain healthy bones
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure and even lower levels of high blood pressure
  • Give the body the 84 trace minerals it is made up of, and needs in order to be healthy
  • Aids in vascular health
  • Promotes a healthy respiratory system
  • Slow signs of ageing
  • Increases libido
  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns
  • Help the body to ‘detox’ heavy metals
  • Increase electrolytes


So what’s wrong with my table salt?

table-saltThere wouldn’t have been much wrong with it hundreds of years ago, but in the modern and increasingly processed world, it’s become another thing that has been messed around with so much, that it contains very little natural nutritional value any more, and is instead full of chemicals. It’s bleached and chemically washed, heated to extremely high temperatures (killing most nutrients) and is really only good for mimicking the taste of salt.

If you’ve chosen to use brands like ‘Low Salt’ for years due to high blood pressure, or conditions effected by high salt consumption, then the bad news is that 1: You may be using more of it because it simply says ‘low’, 2: You’re not getting any of the benefits real, nutrient-dense salt has to offer, and 3: you’re consuming way more chemicals than is necessary. Sea salt is also not much better, as it’s also becoming more processed, and if you’ve seen the state of our polluted oceans recently, you’ll understand that it’s worth saying away from!

Advice for today? Ditch the big brands, chemicals and fake foods, for real nutrients that your body knows what to do with. Start with Himalayan Pink Salt and let us know how different you feel after a few weeks!













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