#36alive 15: Sunday Night Insight – The Fuzz Speech

On our #36alive 4 post, “Rolling a Tennis Ball Underfoot” we touched on the subject of the fascia. If you’d like to know more – and why wouldn’t you want to know more about the thing that holds everything together in your body – then click on the link below for a 5 minute video by Gil Hedley, who explains, in his own unique way, what the fascia is and how this plays a pivtol role in how we feel in his “The Fuzz Speech”. Gil is an expert in this field and has several videos on the fascia that go in to more detail than “The Fuzz Speech”, although, as these often show dissections, we recommend that you don’t watch them while eating if things like that can make you feel queasy.

But for now, watch and enjoy as Gill explains “The Fuzz”, and later in the week we will profile a stretch that can be done to help remove “The Fuzz”.


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