#36alive 10: Morning Walk


We all know that movement and exercise are good for us, but sometimes the pillow and duvet are more inviting than trainers and the cold morning air outside. Hundreds of studies however, show that a morning walk could be one of the most beneficial things to do for your overall health.

Walking outside (especially in nature) lowers levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), releases endorphins (happy hormones), and boosts creativity.  You’re far more likely to feel more energetic throughout the day with the increase in circulation, and you’ll be joining the likes of Barak Obama, Starbucks president Michelle Gass, and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who all either take a walk or run before their work day begins.

If you’re still on a January health kick, then know that walking outside in the cold Winter temperatures is an effective way to burn excess body fat, and can also turn unhealthy white fat into mitochondira-filled brown fat, which burns energy and produces heat!

As Sleep Smarter author Shawn Stevenson tells us: “A good night’s sleep starts the moment you wake up”. 

Whether it’s a walk, a morning run, walking part of your commute, or simply a few laps around your garden in the early hours, this is one of the best and most simple ways to take control of your health this year!

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