#36alive 8: Sunday Night Insight | David Goggins on the RRP


The first week of January is over with this being the time that the well intended resolutions can begin to slip. If this is the case then don’t get down about it, nobody is perfect, and what’s done is done. What you can do is pick up from where you left off in the quest for a “healthy” January, a January “detox”, or whatever goal you set yourself for the month (or hopefully longer). If you’re in need of inspiration then look no further than the latest episode of the Rich Roll Podcast with former Navy SEAL David Goggins. The Rich Roll Podcast is an absolute treasure trove of free content with amazing guests sharing their insights; the host himself also has an inspirational story to tell so we’d recommend you look him up too. Back to David Goggins; this is a man who suffers from asthma, has a sickle cell trait, was once obese, and has a congenital heart defect, with all this in mind it would be easy for David to feel sorry for himself but he uses this, and the abuse he suffered as a child, to motivate him to some extraordinary feats, including running several ultra-marathons (often with little to no training) being named a “Hero of Running” by Runners World,  and breaking the World Pull-up Record in 2013.

David has quite the story to tell so we will leave it at that and advise you download the podcast and listen to it for some Monday morning inspiration.

As mentioned earlier, the Rich Roll Podcast is great source of inspiration and knowledge, we listen to it a lot, learning so much from it. We will be posting our favourite episodes and guests at a later date – but as well as the David Goggins episode – Rich recently released two “Best of 2016” episodes which will give you a feel of what it is all about.

Enjoy listening.


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