#36alive 6: Qigong Spinal Twist

BKS Iyengar, one of the most influential teachers of Yoga throughout history once used the phrase “You’re only as young as your spine”and if you’ve ever suffered from back pain, you’ll know exactly what we mean…

Humans are made to move; from subtle, gentle sensations to dynamic, challenging movements – our bodies were made to experiment and adapt to different forms of movement.

The morning is one of the most important times to move, as it boosts circulation, releases endorphins (‘happy hormones’), reduces cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone), prevents injury from occurring throughout the rest of the day, and is a sure way to help you feel accomplished before midday!

The Qigong twist is a gentle and effective way to ‘warm up’ the muscles surrounding the spine, and to maintain spinal health and mobility. Keep the feet grounded or lift the heels when you’re twisting if it feels more comfortable. Spend just a few seconds practicing this each morning when you wake up or when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, and let us know how you feel after doing this for a few days!


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