#36alive 3: Help The Homeless

homelessSetting new year’s resolutions, getting healthier, and being more positive are things many of us attempt to stick to within the first few weeks of January, but these things also have one flaw in common: they only help ourselves. If our resolutions and January plans aimed at helping other people and improving not just our own lives, but the lives of others too, we might see a very different world around us.

It’s scientifically proven that helping someone else can boost your own sense of wellbeing, and with a heightened sense of wellbeing, you’re also much more likely to experience more energy, better sleep, regular appetite, better focus, and the ability to make healthier decisions.

During the Winter, whilst we’re all curled up at home with the central heating on, there are people living on the streets who are cold, hungry and extremely vulnerable. If there’s ever a time to give some thought to those who don’t have the comforts most of us take for granted, it’s now. In 2015, Homeless.org.uk estimated there were 3,569 people sleeping rough in the UK, a 30% increase from 2010. In London, the numbers increased rapidly between 2013 and 2015.

The biggest benefit you can give is the feeling of support to someone who may feel totally alone. If you have packets of food left over from Christmas, gifts you don’t need but may uk-hidden-homeless-reportbe of use, old scarves, hats, gloves or blankets, or anything else that can give comfort, they’ll be of more use in the hands of someone without a home than in the cupboard.

If you’re staying in a hotel at any point this year, this is the perfect time to be resourceful; any free items such as bottles of water, juice, chocolate bars or napkins the hotel may give you for free in your room can make an easy donation to someone sleeping rough outside. Use your imagination and you’ll realise there are endless ways to lend a hand and help the world around you.


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