Who, What & Why?

Welcome to #36Alive, a daily feed offering something you can do each day to help you become the best version of yourself. Join us as often as you like; weekly, monthly, or commit to #36Alive every day. We’re here for 365 days to help you help yourself.

handsup1What does #36Alive mean?

#36Alive is a play-on-words linked to the number 365 – the number of days in a year, and the number of days we’ll be sharing inspiration.

What is #36Alive?

The world is so full of health and wellbeing information at the moment, that it can be overwhelming and confusing to know what to listen to or trust. #36Alive is our solution, whereby we simply provide daily inspiration, exploring different ways to feel healthy, happy, and truly alive. From small healthy habits to add to your morning routine, to life changing inspiration, we’re here to help you discover some new, 365 days of the year. Some things may resonate with you more than others, some you’ll have heard before, and some will lead you onto further exploration.

david1Who are we?

Please see our ‘About’ page on the site to find out who we are, but essentially, we’re two normal people trying to be good human beings.

We are not doctors,  nor medical professionals, and everything we post here is simply something we’ve experimented with, benefitted from, and thoroughly researched. Where possible we will credit the source of the information we share.

camping1How can you get involved?

For a chance to feature on our page, please use the #36Alive hashtag on all your social network posts and tag us in anything you do @36Alive. If we see anything that inspires us, we’ll have a go ourselves an re-post. After all, 365 is a lot of days….

So get involved, try things out, discover, make changes, make decisions, let us know how you get on, and what you’re doing that makes you feel alive. Remember to tag us in with the #36Alive hashtag for a chance to feature.

Instagram: @36Alive

Twitter: @36Alive

Facebook: /36Alive

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